I am hoping the material of transparency gels communicate an illuminated, brilliant and vivid dermis—this thing that covers and seemingly stays the same, but is dynamic in its movement and regeneration.

To explore under this skin, through feeling, is like trying to be in the body with a dynamically and dimensionally sensational camera. A camera that can rotate its head 360 and see up, down, left, right and all around. All of the lines which it captures aren’t just the contours of the muscles and the bends and bands of our myelin sheath, it’s the dynamic feeling these stretches produce. It’s the dimensional feeling of your insides. Cutting into this ‘skin’ and making shapes is the exploration of how an inner and outer dialogue can begin to take shape with these muscles, lines, bones, spine, and joints, drawn out?

The transparent-like-plastic-like-skin

A through-way, two-way street.

In the clarity,

Makes: cuts, paths, forms, shapes, trajectories.

Make way for the thing that needs to move through,

Your, body.

This cutting is like drawing, it’s like shaping, it’s like folding,

For unfolding.