Artist Statement

I am interested in bodies in a digital culture. Through the study of Western musical scales, ancient Greek modes, Hindustani and Carnatic ragas, I create visual and sound compositions that coax relationships between time, rhythm, astronomy, the body, architecture, and color. These intersections are meant to emphasize the forces that exist within and outside the body and underscore the corporeal in an era that is soaked in the cerebral.

With the piano, I am interested in creating a sound that is something between free modal jazz and Indian classical music. In my visual explorations, I am concerned with line, shape, and color forms. I make my work on plexiglass and use color transparency gels to emphasize ideas of the screen and keeping plasticity messy. Alongside this messiness, I seek a type of precision through site specifcity and time. 

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and am originally from San Antonio, TX and Chennai, India. I did my BA & BS from The University of Texas at Austin in Anthropology & Advertising in 2003. I completed my MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 2015. 

You can contact me at: pri9ram at gmail dot com // Instagram account: @pri_cubed