Cellular Pixels

I sometimes feel I have found myself in a video game. As I am walking on one plane, I am able to check into the aerial view, and watch myself doing things. I have an overhead perspective, which I can tilt and pan, so I am able to see others as well. I am able to watch collisions, coincidences and convergences either spark, or dissolve.

I am able to see what I’m attracted to, and move towards it, allowing desire to magnetize me towards my future—self.

This video game can switch between a few different views:

      a) Internal systems check

      b) External circumstance check

      c) Feedback loop between the two

The most challenging thing to master in this particular game are the discrete bits of logic and the continual variability of emotion—the interplay between analog and digital.

In this game, the analog is defined by the uncontrollable, which are the forces and modes that move through this world. We create instruments and technology to temper, shape, and lasso this force. The digital is defined as bits and pieces, 1’s & 0’s, binary modes that are built up piece by piece to temper, shape and lasso, as well.

To create in this video game, one must be able to move fluidly between each of these modes. It is to participate in the unfolding of dimensions, as you stay grounded within one of these dimensions. It is to be able to recognize our other selves, our digital doubles, and see our other self, which identities as no self—an other that sees no other.