Download & Process

I want to create a space to slow down, where there is room to contemplate the exteriors of sounds, and the interiors of oneself, using your body as an acoustic chamber to wake your cells up, move sound through your vessels, and echo melody into your blood. Sound can be like oxygen for your body.

The point of this space is to create the tension between feeling grounded and feeling like floating. This is a space where your body stays aware and awake through a host of sounds as the placement of amplification holds you in place, even if the projections make you feel like floating.

What does an increasingly digital world do to your corporeality? How do you understand your body as drift in an ever-conscious universe because you understand technology? How does this analogy to circuitry show us that we are wired in the same way to receive a sort of source-fuel to pump us towards ourselves, and become, in whatever capacity we are seeking? What does this analogy do for us? How does it serve us to understand that we live on different planes with different consciousness? This idea of expansion has its flip side on the inhale in a breath cycle. In this circulatory act—the filling up, and letting go—how can we really feel rhythm, and echo, resonance, harmony and dissonance that start to shape the edges of this expanse?